The UX of UltraClean Floss

I love when things are designed well.

Recently, I had my teeth cleaned.  I don’t go to the dentist enough, but when I do, I usually get all serious about my teeth for a few months.  I was in the drug store looking for floss and spent about 10 minutes staring at the selection.  It was overwhelming.  Each one seemed interesting.  Then I saw this box for Reach UltraClean.

reachultracleanThe first thing I noticed was the packaging.  The background was black, not white.  That was different.  Additionally, the packaging of the flss itself was semi-translucent.  This was also new.  Most of the other boxes were the same standard white.  The curve on the top looked smooth.  I could imagine holding the box in my pocket.  One of the other ones I liked was clunky and would bulge in my pocket.  This one would be sleek and streamlined.  The package also was shaped like a smooth tooth.  It was the color of a whitened tooth.  The word “Micro-groove” also caught my eye.  That’s a good word to use when talking about floss.  I want to get rid of micro-bacteria.  micro-groove sounds like it will do that.

A+ For packaging and seriously, I was sold.  I bought this product PURELY based on excellent packaging.  I didn’t care about the price at all.  I didn’t even look.  It might be $80 for all I know.

Then, I opened the packaging and pulled out the case.  It was pretty simple.  Smooth plastic, not too much writing.  In fact it has the J&J logo and it said Reach Ultraclean.  Two stamps were on it reading some shipping info, but they were small.  Otherwise, it was unmarred.  I pulled open the top and pulled out the floss.  It was different.

It wasn’t glide satin; nor was it fiber strands, nor was it traditional floss.  It was almost like a thin rubbery piece of plastic/rubber strange alloy.  I tugged at it a little and it stretched slightly.  I wrapped it around my fingers and it clung to my fingers very well.  Usually, floss will slip on my fingers, so I need to wrap it around twelve times until my fingertips turn purple.  This was different.  It clung to my fingers and didn’t slip.

I put the floss into my mouth and tried it out.  It tasted minty.  It didn’t ‘catch’ or act weird on my teeth.  It was smooth, but I could feel it doing it’s job.  I was amazed.  I handed a strand to my sister-in-law.  She tried it and got the same feeling.  There we were flossing in the parking lot and laughing.


The naming, the packaging, the product.  It all led to a wonderful experience.  I am a Ultraclean evangelist.  I will reccomend this product to others.  No one paid me to think this or say this.  Maybe other floss was technically better, I don’t know.  When you have a great UX design, you can beat the competition.  It has to be the full deal though.  From first site to throw away, it has to WOW.

What was the last product that made you feel this way?

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