The UX of 36

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I turned 36 yesterday.  The day started off rough with a huge mistake I made and some scrambling to fix it.  It kept going with details and a million things to deal with.  I got a bunch done.  Some good product management candidates coming in next week.

Then we went to dinner at BenniHanna‘s in Burlingame.  I had gone to Hibachi restaurants every year for my birthday.  It is one of my favorite memories.  The food is so sumptuous, the taste of ginger is so wonderful and the entertainment of the chef cooking right in front of you is awesome.  They tell jokes, they juggle knives, they flip shrimp into their hats.  It is just magical.

The restaurant brought back all of those memories.  I couldn’t decide what to order.  Hibachi shrimp, hibachi steak, hibachi scallops, it was all too much to bear.  Matthew learned a new word, “Arigato“.  He screamed it every time someone gave him something.  Matthew also ate a ton of hibachi shrimp.  He loved it.  He screamed, “More shrimp please!  Arigato!”

The entertainment was good, but the food lacked some seasoning.  It was a little bland.  Funny thing, the chef’s were all mexican.  They spoke spanish.  Maybe Matt should have yelled, “Gracias!”  Ethan and Jared both enjoyed the entertainment and the food.  The green tea ice cream was delicious. All in all, it was a lovely evening.  I hope we can do it again one day.

Oh right, the UX of 36.  It doesn’t feel like mid-30’s anymore.  It doesn’t feel like 30’s at all.  It feels like “almost 40”.  Ugh.  That is really wierd.  Time is accelerating for me.  A year used to be 365 days.  Now a year is only 120 days.  It is going way quicker.  The kids are growing up so fast.  They will be married with their own kids in no time.  Who will I be at 40?  Will I own a home?  Will I be a success?

This is the first birthday that bothers me a little.  It could be worse.  I could be 37.

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  1. Cheer up, you could be 42! Oh wait, you will be…..

    Seriously though, happy belated birthday!

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