The UX of a Great Vendor

In the course of your life, you will outsource a bunch of things.  Mechanics, accountants, programmers, copy writers, lawyers, handymen and more.  You try to get a referral, but often you are on your own, trying to guess whom to grant your business.  There is one common experience though, that we all share.  When we find a vendor we like, we stick with them forever.  It’s just too hard to find good people.

We don’t really live in a “what have you done for me lately” world.  We are extremely loyal to vendors who do well for us in the past.

I found a great vendor last month.  He is a graphic illustrator.  His work is stellar and his turnaround time is super rapid.  I have been using him to make comics for the corporate website.  I’ve been thrilled with the progress, even though I am nit-picky about these sorts of things.  Consider this an official referral: Joshua Guglielmo. Take a look at his work.

There are a few things I wish I knew how to do.

  1. Write music like Kurt Cobain.
  2. Illustrate like Joshua Guglielmo.
  3. Program like Crash Tung.

It’s magical to me how these things work.   Maybe one day, I will see someone say, “I wish I could UX Design like Glen.”  In the meantime, collect great people around you and refer them often.

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