Why the Jets slow down my internet access

Follow this trail.

  1. I want to watch the New York Jets football games.  The problem is that I live in California.
  2. So I chose DirecTV with their NFL Superfan package to get the games. (Crazy expensive)
  3. DirecTV doesn’t have internet access so I got DSL from DSLExtreme.
  4. I also have to pay for a basic phone line from AT&T, even though we only use our Verizon cell phones.
  5. DSLExtreme’s best (reasonably priced) package is 6mbps down and 768 up.
  6. We just moved and something is wrong with the wiring…my speeds have dropped by more than half.

OK, so if I didn’t want to watch the Jets, this is what I would do:

  1. Get Comcast xFinity.  Phone, voice, TV in one.  Much faster speeds.  No phone line, no DSL.

Each year, I say “This is too expensive.  I should stop watching football completely.  Save the money!  Switch to cable internet!”  Each year, I can’t do it.  I am weak.  I like the Jets more than fast internet access.  DSLExtreme has Fiber and ADSL2 subscriptions, but they are crazy expensive.  $100 for 8mbps?  For that price on Comcast you get 100mbps.

Hmm, for the amount I pay for DSL, I probably could get just the Comcast internet access without the TV part.  I’ll have to look into that.

Whatya think?