The UX of Being in a Random Meeting

I’ve seen this in every company I have ever worked on.  It starts with a meeting.  The agenda is about cooking dinner (for example).  You are invited to the meeting because you are going to be driving the car to the supermarket.

Most of the meeting is about the ingredients and the preparation and the menu and the kitchen.  The person doing the shopping jots down the grocery list.  You think to yourself…Why am I here?

Then all of the sudden, at minute 63 of a 90 minute meeting someone says, “Do you know the way to that cool new market downtown?  I want to get the seasoning from there.”  You are stunned.  For a moment, you aren’t sure if they are asking you a question.  Everyone is silent, staring at you.

“Umm, yes, I think.”, you meekly say.

The meeting continues and you don’t say another word.  Was that it?  Was that the whole reason you were in that meeting?

For the rest of the room, that was very effective.  They might have been blocked by the lack of information you provided.  However, for you, it was a pretty huge waste of time.  Why sit for 89 of 90 minutes being useless?

Clearly, no one has solved this problem.  I am in one of those meetings right now.  I am passing the time by blogging about being in a meeting like this.  There must be a better way.

Ooops, they just said my name!

3 replies on “The UX of Being in a Random Meeting”

This post made me smile 🙂

Whenever I suspect a meeting I’m going to is going to be like that, I always make sure to bring my laptop to ensure I have something to keep me occupied so I don’t die of boredom.

In these cases, isn’t it possible to just say “is my presence really necessary? I am very busy and maybe I could use my time better?”

Whatya think?