Transparency – A Corporate Value

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One of my favorite values is transparency. The other day, I saw an example of this from Balsamiq, as they reviewed their year.  This is probably the most powerful example of transparency I have witnessed on the web.  They give complete disclosure including financials, hiring, problems and anything else they thought of.  How many companies are willing to put themselves out there like that?

Balsamiq has plenty of copycats and competition.  I plan on reviewing them at some point.  However, a post like this helps customers to remain loyal.  I know where they are coming from, I know what their values are.  This is the kind of stance that allows me to engage with them and form a bond.

As the internet makes switching costs lower and lower, loyalty goes right out the window.  There has to be another way to keep people in your camp.  I believe values are the primary way of doing this.  If you can tap into the values of your customers then they will consider you more than a company or tool.  They will consider you family.


Whatya think?