The UX of Crying

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Hillary Clinton is a genius. I never thought of this, but she just pulled out the unbeatable strategy. Crying. Think about it. When a man cries, he is not strong and usually ridiculed. When a woman cries, men immediately give up and woman bond together. I think it’s from some evolutionary gene or something. Crying is the nuclear bomb of arguments for women. I swear, I could be 100% right, but when Katie starts crying, I have to give up.

Hillary was losing New Hampshire. She got on TV and flashed a few tears. BAM! The next thing you know she is a winner. I don’t know how many times she can go to this well, but my guess is that it’s infinite. As long as it’s perceived as genuine and not faking.

Can you imagine her with foreign leaders? She would meet with Putin and say, “Please dismantle your nuclear arsenal”. After refusing, she would start crying and a few minutes later, the Russian leader would say, “OK, OK! Please stop crying, we will do whatever you want!”

I’m telling you, it is the ultimate weapon. Check it out.

She is brilliant in that she didn’t bawl. Just a tear, here or there. Just a hint. She will save the bawling for the general election.

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  1. You forget, Putin is Russian and also ex KGB. He would just look at Hillary, laugh and say “You weak American’s. In Russia our woman plow fields and give birth in Siberia in the Winter without crying. Your tears are lost on me.”

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