Potty Story

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Matthew is going to the potty by himself these days.  He still needs help wiping his butt though.  The other night, we hear his regular yoddle, “Mooooommmm, I’m Dooooonnnnne!”  I went in to help him.  The first thing he does is hand me a whisk. He says, “Thank you daddy, I don’t need this anymore.

That caught my attention.  Why does he have a whisk and what did he need it for in here??  Then I saw his face.  It was covered in a brown substance, all over his mouth and shirt.  I looked in slow motion at the whisk, which also had brown substance all over it.

I started to panic.  No, No, No!  You sick little monkey!  What did you do?!?  Then my olfactory senses kicked in. Is that chocolate?

I smelled his face.  Oh thank god!  Thank God!  I slumped down.  Wow, that was a close one.  Wheeeewwwww.  Matthew had gotten into the required position for butt wiping and yoddled “Dadddddyyyyy, I’m  waaaaiiiitttiiiing!”

Good boy Matthew.

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  1. Hilarious! I had a similar thing with my three year old the other night. He was in the bath and I popped out into the next room for a few minutes, leaving the door open. I returned and he was holding something brown and mushy, which he proudly declared to be “Play-Doh”. There were bits of it floating all through the bath water, and clumped to the walls. Turned out it was a cardboard toilet roll tube that he had pulped up and turned to papier-mache.

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