The UX of Living in Four Dimensions

We all have to be somewhere.  Street, cross street, floor, and at what time defines us all.  FourSquare even lets you tell your friends where you are at all times.  It’s amazing to me that you can meet someone in all four dimensions every single day.  We are a pretty ingenious lot.

I was thinking about this when I was in a meeting today.  All I wanted to do was “meet” with the other people conceptually.  I wanted to meet at a place where we could agree on a course of action.  I had this image of being in space, where each person had their own guiding lights and their own momentum.  Each person tried to explain their position and direction to the others, but it was impossible.  It would be like describing where you were in the desert to someone in the middle of the ocean.  Second oasis on the left…no MY left!  Stage Left!

So there we were trying to understand where the other person was.  The courses of action were numerous.  Funny enough, even with some understanding of directions there was misunderstandings of where to stop.  In other words, some people used slippery-slope arguments to insist that someone heading for the sweet spot will go right past the sweet spot into the spiraling pit of doom just beyond.

How in the world do we figure these things out?  The correct answer to any problem has to deal with at least four dimensions.  Does the answer work everywhere or just here?  Always or right now?  If it worked before, will it work again?  If it worked for someone else, will it work for me.

We live in a world of infinite dimensions.  We can not possibly meet at the same place in our minds.  The question (and I don’t have a good answer) is how do we avoid sucking.

I love imagining the practical world in a more conceptual model.  It helps me think through the daily problems.  Have you ever done this?  Wanna try?

Whatya think?