The UX of Office Moves

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I remember when Kokopelli (company I ran from 1994-2002) moved offices.  It was a short move just across the street.  While we were checking it out, we looked out the window and there was our crew waving at us.  I almost started crying.  The new space was extremely nice and very big.  At Marketo, we moved twice in 3 years. Here at Adchemy, we just moved into new offices today.  It never ceases to fill me with pride and excitement.  The smell of new desks and chairs.  The unfamiliar orientation of everything.  Where is the bathroom?  Which was is that conference room again?

One of the biggest changes is proximity.  People who used to be so close I could play footsy with them, now I have to take a long walk to find them.  They can’t hear me when I sneeze.  (And I sneeze loud).

I am still getting the hang of the chair.  It’s pretty comfortable, but I haven’t melded minds with it yet.  I plan on stringing up some Holiday LED lights above my desk.  I think it will give the area a nice creative festive look.

It’s like being a kid exploring a new house.  Everything is different and cool.  Soon, the feeling will fade and it will just be “the office”.  It will get more and more crowded until we have to move again in a few years.

I’m addicted to new stuff and moving is the ultimate “new”.  I love it.

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