The UX of positive feedback

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A nice review of Marketo.  I really feel like Marketo is starting to gain momentum in a serious way.  Articles like this make me feel all warm inside that I was able to have a positive impact on a company and on the people who use the product.

This raises an important thought for me.  Positive feedback is critical to making someone feel good about their work and feel committed to the organization.  Without positive feedback, you just don’t know if you are making a difference or having an impact.

In a large organization this is harder, but certainly not that hard.  It’s up to the manager to keep the employee appraised about how their work is being received by the target audience.  Sometimes that means saying, “Hey, I showed that thing you made to the CEO, he really liked it.  I told him YOU built it!”  That kind of statement goes a long way to keeping someone happy and engaged.

It’s always great when you can directly tie your effort to the companies’ bottom line.  This is especially valuable because a company exists to make money.  I felt similar feelings when they announced the improvements to the Intuit website made the company a boat-load of money.

Do you get enough positive feedback?  What can you do to get more/better feedback?  Each circumstance is different, but think out of the box about it.  Don’t “fish for compliments”.  That’s too obvious.  Rather ask your boss to help you tie your work to their goals in tangible ways.  Or maybe some other way…I’m brainstorming but the point is that it is important to feel good about your work.

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