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The kids really like Spongebob Squarepants.  I find it pretty funny and I tolerate it.  It’s something “we both like”.  However, in general, we watch and don’t make any sounds.

The kids love Tom & Jerry.  I can’t stand it, never could.  It’s just slapstick.  However, when the kids watch it, they laugh OUT LOUD every couple of minutes.  It’s quite disturbing.  It is very much like the Simpson‘s kids watching Itchy and Scratchy.  It’s just the mouse beating up on the cat.  It’s not funny.  Yet they laugh and laugh and laugh.

I don’t love this lesson, although I know it’s true.  Our baser instincts are the most powerful.  Don’t try to buck them.

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  1. My kids also love Tom & Jerry, The Flintstones and especially the old Looney Tunes episodes. This is the stuff we grew up on, it’s fun and healthy.

    There is nothing better than the old cartoons to help our kids overcome the excessive promotion of political correctness in public schools today.

    I’ve found a bunch of those classic shows on Miro.

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