Uncomfortable Chairs

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I spend a good deal of my life sitting in an office chair. It’s a good bet that you do as well. The chair at my desk; I have adjusted to have the right parameters of height and position. However, it’s still fairly uncomfortable. When I get up, I find it hard to stand up straight. My back moans in pain for several minutes. Contrarily, when I get out of bed, I don’t feel the same strain.

Now when I go into a meeting, that’s a different story. Those chairs are made by the devil herself. They are usually not very adjustable and often are painful to sit in. In many concerts or speaking events, the chairs people sit in are downright tortuous.

This chair is one of the worst. It’s flimsy and breaks immediately. If you dare to lean back in it, it immediately flips you over and breaks itself or you. Even the more common chairs with more heft to them are uncomfortable in the best cases.

I know the requirements of chairs: Cheap, Cheap, and Cheap. However, is it really worth it? We could make the world a much better place if all chairs were comfortable.  What about this one?

I would be happy sitting in a meeting on one of those. Well, happier than I am now anyway.

We spend all of this time sitting in chairs around a conference room table and we haven’t figured out how to be comfortable doing so. What is the benefit of of discomfort and pain? Do we make better decisions? Do we live better lives? Does the company make more money?

By the way, can you guess what I am doing right now?

Hmm, I know you were smart.  Uncomfortable, but smart.

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  1. Maybe 6-7 years ago, I found a great deal on one of those back-supporting, arched chairs and it was an amazing investment. Although I got a deal, in retrospect I would have been happy if I spent $500 on it. I’ve lugged into across three jobs, and will keep it wherever I go.

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