Upgrades – Trillian/WordPress

I love upgrades.

Trillian Astra just sent an update that allows me to see when someone is STARTING a message to me.  I love this feature.  I am so excited about it.  Whenever I see the “Joe Smith is preparing a message to you”, I get giddy!  I can’t believe how long Trillian Astra has been in Alpha.  When will they release a beta so you all can use it?

WordPress is testing 2.6.  They are on Release Candidate 1.  I am trying to hold my breath until it’s released in final.  I should probably just upgrade though.  Hmm, upgrade, wait, upgrade, wait…I can’t decide!  What to do?!  I suppose I could wait a tiny bit longer.  I am excited for the usability improvements though.  I love WordPress.


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  1. Nice new theme by the way, very green. Of course your last theme was very orange, so I guess I’m not too surprised 🙂

    I would normally be excited about a new Trillian, but I’ve been using Linux as my main workstation now for over a year. So I don’t really use Trillian anymore except for the rare times when I’m in Windows at home (dual boot for games) and need access to IM.

    Is Astra any lighter weight than the previous Trillian was?
    It took AGES for Trillian to start up last I remember.

  2. Glen Lipka Avatar
    Glen Lipka

    It is green. Makes me feel like an environmentalist. 🙂
    The new trillian loads a little faster than the old. 40megs of memory in task manager so it’s not tiny. However, it is really a pleasure to use. It looks beautiful, it’s easy, and it has all kinds of lovable features. Like the feature that tells me when someone is “preparing a message”. I love that.

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