User Experience Designer Wanted

At Adchemy, we have a spot open for a UX Designer.  The team is 3 people right now and we are kicking ass.  I haven’t been this excited about design in a long time.  (And I am usually pretty pumped about it).  Here are the values of the company and how they are used in the Design team.

Decide with Data – Decisions shouldn’t be emotional.  Data drives decisions, even when the content is design.  This means that we should be realistic if something is failing and look to improve it.  We should never ignore data.

Play to Win…as a Team – The design team has shared ownership of design.  We work on each others projects and all chip in.  We do group critiques as often as possible (almost daily).  Nothing is sacred.  It’s a meritocracy.  Shared credit, shared mistakes.  We are a team.

Dare to Simplify – This is the core of what we do.  How simple can the product be and yet still achieve the goals?  This is our mission.  If you don’t know how to simplify, then please don’t bother applying.

Learn, then teach – We are actively teaching the precepts of UX to the rest of the team.  One of the coolest things about Adchemy is a yearly stipend to use for Education.   It could be classes, books or even conferences.  I love this.

Be “long term greedy” – One of my favorites.  Do it right, don’t rush into a mistake.  This implies iterative design that looks to getting it right in the long term.  It also means to avoid band-aids.  This is intelligent product design.

Never compromise integrity – The design team has strong beliefs in what makes for a great user experience.  We will never say, “Just tell me what you want”.  That would compromise our integrity.

These are the values of the company and are used every single day to make decisions.

Some other details:  Adchemy actually uses full blown Scrum and XP.  We don’t mess around, it’s true Agile, not hacked Fragile.  The product is in Flex, although the design team is using Balsamiq and whatever Adobe product you like.  This position must be on-site, remote is not going to work.  We are moving in about a month to San Mateo, CA.

If you are interested, use the Contact Me form on the right.  I have never posted something like this before, so I am unsure if I will hear from anyone.

If you know anyone who is a designer, please forward this post.  Thanks.

Whatya think?