WordPress Spam Plugin Adventures

Another step in my never-ending adventures against comment spammers.  I have been using NoSpamNX for quite some time with very good success.  Well, at least I didnt hear about someone failing to comment. However, in the past few days, someone on the spammer side, figured out what NoSpamNX is doing.  Now I have a slew of new spam messages coming in.

So , I am trying to switch…AGAIN.  This time to Bad Behavior.  It looks cool, but I don’t know if it will past muster.  I am so hesitant to put a CAPCHA or other human detection thing into the comments.  I hate the effect they have on the  experience.   Mollom has been gone for a while.  Akismet isn’t worth anything.  I am always willing to try new things.

Man, I hate a world where spam is an unwinnable battle.

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