Weekend Party

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This weekend, Ethan, Jared and I had a bachelors fiesta. We saw a movie (Wallace and Grommit, not bad, very clever), we went to mini golf, boat bumper cars, batting cage, tennis, walks to Lunch, milk shakes, toy stores. We had a grand old time. However, the fun and excitement is growing old. We want mommy back. We miss her and want her back. (She is visiting Great Grandma Alice in Indiana with Matt.)

Now Katie might think: Oh, this is because they want me to do laundry. I say NO! It is because our fun would be MORE fun if she was with us.

In UI news, the bellwether site news.com has redesigned it’s interface. It seems that the last few years have moved more and more away from simplicity. Now there are a million links on the page. I cant tell what is going on. I like the nav, but I miss the days when the news stories took up the whole page. This is nice, it is quality work, but it just seems less usable to me.

Whatya think?