What if they Googled you?

I am interviewing people to hire a Sr. UX Designer.  Guess what is the first thing I do whenever I receive a resume? If you guessed “Look at the resume” you would be wrong.

The first thing I do is search for the person’s name in Google.  Unless you live in a cave, you have a presence on the web.  Facebook, LinkedIn, personal website, portfolio, twitter, etc etc;  All of these sites have information about you.  The real question is:  How do you look when I Google you?

Does it show a few comments here and there but otherwise nothing?  Does it show an out of date LinkedIn Profile?  I made sure when you Google Glen Lipka that you get a wealth of information about me and User Experience.  It’s amazing to me how many people ignore this part of their personal presentation.  If you spend time on your resume, you really should spend equal or more time on LinkedIn.  Are you actively keeping it up to date?  Do you have good recommendations written about you?  Does your Facebook or MySpace page have inappropriate content?

What if you have a personal website?  They are virtually free these days.  Does it look presentable?  I am constantly shocked by how awful some people’s personal websites look.  Usually they say, “oh, I haven’t updated that in a long time.”  My answer is simple, Take it down!  Why have something embarrassing up on the web that you created when you are looking for a design job?

As Robert Burns said: O would some Power the gift to give us; To see ourselves as others see us!

Google is that power.  Go Google yourself.


2 responses to “What if they Googled you?”

  1. I hate the concept that you are what google says you are. Besides that fact that you can’t control what shows up, including what is actually accurate, there should be a place online where you can separate your personal and professional lives. If I have a fun blog for friends and I might not check for all the typos, that does not mean that I would treat something at work the same way. It is like spying on people and what people do at home shouldn’t effect how they are treated at work. As an employer, linked in is ok, personal blogs are not. Just my opinion.

    Happy Solstice!

  2. Derek Meyer Avatar
    Derek Meyer


    Also, if you don’t have a semi- or completely unique name, it can be hard (and often misleading) to rely on what Google says about you.

    The LinkedIn profile advice is good, though. That’s much easier to control.

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