Windows Server 2008

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I read the top ten new features of Windows Server 2008.  To sum them up:

  • runs a little faster
  • crashes a little less
  • lots of enterprise benefits
  • nice things for people who hate the mouse (a.k.a Linux people).

The runs a little faster ad crashes a little less sounds fine.  The enterprise benefits are not relevant to me.  (Hooray for people who run thousand+ person organizations.)  The Command Line Interface (a.k.a. Powershell) is nice for Linux people, but I don’t care.Overall, this release isn’t for me.  It’s clearly an attempt to compete directly against Linux and other Unix variants. This is probably good strategy.  In fact, it is probably great strategy.  However, it’s just not all that interesting to me.  Maybe I have finally shed my sys admin past.  I don’t run Windows/Exchange 2003 in the garage anymore.  In fact, when I signed up for LunarPages, I chose the linux box rather than the Windows box.  We run Windows/Exchange 2003 at work, but we have such a simple setup that I rarely ever touch the thing.  The best thing about the Server to me is SharePoint.

This release is the first time I have yawned at a Windows OS upgrade.  I think they have just outgrown me and my needs.  Hmm.  Interesting to think how much I have changed.  This is the first release of any Microsoft OS that I won’t bother beta testing. Times, they are a changin!

Whatya think?