jQuery Forms

I have been working on some forms for Marketo. Mostly shopping cart stuff to get signed up. It’s been a while since I really dove into jQuery to do some deep interaction design.

Take a look at my prototype. [UPDATED to Joerns Link]

It uses the Masked Input Plugin.  I like this plugin alot and used to do something similar with my inlineError form.  However, I think I will switch to this new method.  It’s much stronger.  I tried to use the Validation plugin, but I just couldn’t get it to behave how I wanted.  The plugin author assures me that it is possible and might collaborate with me to come up with some more varied demos.   I am excited to contribute.

I didn’t use the ThickBox plugin to show the credit card security code.  (Click on it, its cool)  I used Highslide JS instead.  The interactivity of this script is so strong.  It’s flat out awesome.  I wish ThickBox worked like Highslide.  I would prefer to use an “all jQuery” solution.

I asked a bunch of questions to the jQuery community and they responded incredibly quickly.  They are the best.  I this form works reasonably well.

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