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2016 Election Prediction (March 2016)

First, Trump is going to get the GOP nomination. Hillary Clinton will get the Democratic nod.

Trump is going to try to paint Hillary as:

  • Out of touch
  • Elitist 1% with a giant Super PAC
  • War Hawk getting us into trillion dollar interventionist wars
  • Entitled
  • Shrill
  • Living with an abusive misogynist husband

He is going to press her buttons and wait for her to react angrily. Then he will scream, “See! She is hysterical. How do you think she will be with Putin?! He is a killer, he will eat her alive. She will be on her period and have a mood swing and BOOM – nuclear war!”

He is going to attack her from the left and the right. He will never be rattled and he will keep moving his positions. Calling him a flip-flopper won’t work, he will shrug it off.

Trump is not someone to be taken lightly. He is well funded, media savvy and relentless. I think as president, he would do everything exactly the opposite of what I would hope. (I’m a progressive)

According to my own rule, the more charismatic candidate will win. This fills me with despair. We need to prove that rule wrong.

The last time an election looked so important was 2000 when Bush beat (sort of) Gore. Bush appointed 2 Supreme Court justices and many cases turned on those two. Likely the next president will appoint (at least) 2 more. This is a crucial turning point in our history.

I’m energized from watching John Oliver eviscerate Trump.

Fight the Power!

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  1. Kim Kim

    I agree with you Glen. And this video is totally worth taking the time to watch. Fight the power!

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