24 and Penny

Katie and I watched the last DVD from Netflix of the TV Series "24 Season 1".  6 DVDs with 4 hours each.  It was a 24 marathon.  I really hate this show.  It makes no sense.  It’s Los Angeles and they can drive to work in 8 minutes???  I don’t think so.  The whole thing made no sense.  And the final scene with the dead mother?  Come on!  The Shield is much better.  The difference in writing is dramatic.  Boo 24!  Yay Shield!

Speaking of non-sequitors, Penny is the greatest mother-in-law in the whole world.  She visits often and takes care of all of us.  She looks after the kids, and takes care of Katie and I too.  In exchange, I provide witty repartee and technical support.  I think it’s a pretty good deal for me.

She recently went to Japan for a weaving conference.  I consider her a fellow designer.  She is getting better at Photoshop than I am. (True, I’m not that good at Photoshop)  She just got a new loom that is as expensive as a car.  It is as big as one too.  It’s a giant thing right in the middle of the dining room.  Is weaving the most space-intensive design craft?  Maybe marble sculpting?

Anyway, Penny is just great.  She is one of the most engaged Internet users I have ever know.  I use a caricature of her as one of my typical personas.

Whatya think?