Jets Playoff Hopes – by Dan Lipka

This is an spell checked prognosis from Dan Lipka. (It needed alot of corrections!)

Ok, assuming that the Jets win out (they play Miami and Oakland), there this is what the situation is:

  • There are four team with the same 8-6 record (Jets, Cincy, Jacksonville and Denver).
  • The Jets don't have a tie-breaker against any of the other teams, so we need to win the next 2 games.
  • Cincy plays Denver next week, so one of them will obviously lose (and will be out of the playoffs).
  • Jacksonville plays New England in Jacksonville and then they play at Kansas City.
  • If they lose either of those Games, then the Jets are in.
  • If Jacksonville wins both games, than the Jets still have a shot if the winner of the Cincy/Denver game loses the last week. (Cincy is at home to Pitt and Denver is at home to San Fran)

Maybe if the Jets would have just beaten the Browns they would have it locked up. Anyway, they still seem to have a really good chance. Mostly because I don't think Jacksonville have win the next two games. On the other end, there is one other option:

If Jacksonville does win out, that means they would have beaten the Pats. And then if the Pats lose again the last week at Tennessee (who is playing very well) then the Jets would actually win the division and get a home playoff game!!

So we need the Jets to win two and any of the following:

  • New england beats Jacksonville or
  • Tennessee beats New England or
  • Kansas City beats Jacksonville or
  • The winner of Cincy/Denver game loses in week 17 or
  • Cincy and Denver tie.

So after that happens. The Jets beat Cincy in the first playoff round, then they beat Indy, followed by them shutting out San Diego and finally crushing the Chicago in the Superbowl. Its almost too easy.

Logged December 19, 2006 at 9:21 AM PST

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