Bad Week

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Having a bad week.  My HTML/CSS is looking ragged.  My head is distracted.  Lots of negative interactions.  It has been hard to keep my head up.  The beard has grown back, which is a good thing, I think.  (Tangent – Remember in The Tick, when the mustache attached itself to the Tick and spoke in Spanish, but the Tick thought it was some crazy moon language.  That was funny.)

Here is an interesting question.  Let’s say you have two people.  The first person, who is about my height, goes through a project and interacts with people.  Of the people he interacts with, 20% love him completely, 20% hate him and 60% are neutral. (bell curve)  Another person (not my height) goes through a project and interacts with the same number of people.  That person has 0% who love him or hate him, but rather everyone thought the person was fine, neutral.

Which person would you rather have on your team?

Let’s introduce another variable.  Let’s say the quality of the end-result of the project is substantially better with the person who is my height.  Does that change your decision?

Of course, this is totally hypothetical.  These people are fictional and have no relation to the author and publisher of this blog.


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  1. This is a corollary to rule #2; People Fear Change.  Most people will tend towards having the person who is neutral, which reduces risk, emotions, and possible change to the system.  This is a long-term philosophy of the vast majority executives who bask in the status quo.  As for me, I would have to look at why the 20% hate said 6’2” person.  Is it because he makes them work to hard, doesn’t communicate effectively, has bad breathe, is a risk-taker, etc.   If the quality he has that pushed people away is a good thing that I need to get rid of those 20% who hate him, but if it is a bad or neutral thing that the team leader needs to change or be replaced.    (Note: if it is just a matter of personality, I would rather the person that everyone doesn’t care about than the love/hate person.  This might be more important than some short term success or increased quality).   However, if the team leader shows a pattern of continued success (success means making more money or making the life of his boss easier) than that trait trumps everything.  You can be hated by 100% of the team, but if you are a proven producers than it won’t matter.

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