Audrey Visit and Pictures

We uploaded new pictures to This month we have Audrey visiting us.  Audrey is the woman who took care of Ethan while Katie and I worked at Koko.  She potty trained him and spent a ton of time with him during his developing years.  He didn’t remember her, but they quickly got back into the swings of things.

Speaking of pictures, I checked out Flickr again.  Flickr has been purchased by Yahoo by the way.  The ONE thing that keeps me from using the service is the lack of Nested Sets.  I really don’t understand them.  It is the most critical feature.  I really can’t use the service without it.  I don’t even need infinite nests.  I just need  set inside of the existing sets.  I would literally switch my entire gallery to it.  But no, no nested sets.  On their forums, it looks like people have been asking for this feature for over a year.  Oh well.  I continue to use jAlbum until something comes along that will do what jAlbum does without me compiling the album every month.

Whatya think?