Jets Lose – Kids Grow Up

The Jets lost a killer game yesterday and nearly broke my heart.  The end of the game was riddiculous and had everything except the tuba player. (Inside Joke to football fans.  Ask a man.)  I could NOT believe they lost.

Work is moving along.  jQuery continues to rock the house.  I wish I was a better programmer.  I could do so much more with this.  My HTML last month stunk.  I kept making rookie mistakes.  Blech.

Matthew is growing in leaps and bounds.  His language is great.  I bought him a Razor.  He is really good at it!  I also bought a ramp for Ethan.  When I was in 1st or 2nd grade in Spring Valley, I built a ramp with Mikey at the end of the drive way out of plywood (or cardboard, can’t remember) and some bricks.  We would go down that middle bit of grass between us and the neighbors and then launch our bodies into oncoming traffic.  The drivers usually yelled at us or something.  Adults, feh.  So anyway, I thought Ethan would be ready for this.  He went over it four times and then said, "Daddy, I think I might be scared of this.  Can we stop?"  I told him, "you can act lika man!!!" then slapped him and made fun of him with a falsetto voice.  "Oh godfather, I don’t know what to do."  No seriously, we packed it up in the garage.  Then we went out and bought WHEEL sneakers.  These are sneakers that have wheels on the bottoms.  I said, "Ethan, is buying this a mistake?"  He said, "Probably, but I want to try them anyway."

Can you ask for any better logic than that???  I don’t think so.  My boys are growing up so quick.  They watched the Jets with me.  They almost were getting into it.

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