Bill Gates Departs Microsoft

Bill Gates has announced he is leaving Microsoft to focus full-time on the Gates Foundation. Bill Gates is the most philanthropic human being in history, giving more to charitable causes than anyone before. He puts his contemporary billionaires to shame. (Larry Ellison, you know who you are).

He leaves behind a mixed legacy at Microsoft. Clearly, the most successful software company in the world, however, their success has been due mostly to the Windows and Office franchises. Their numerous other ventures have rarely led to profit. However, many of those efforts may have boosted their overall strategy. Interestingly Microsoft, a company who made products mostly by stealing other innovators ideas, is also one of the most copied. It is ironic that they make such a big deal about piracy, when they founded their company on stealing other people’s software. (CPM, Apple/Xerox PARC)

The latest version of Vista is very MacOS X-like. The latest version of Office is such a significant change, I find myself wondering where things are. I am concerned that the general public is in for some serious confusion in the next few years.

What will the next generation of Microsoft be? It is fascinating for me to think about, but probably less for the average joe. Good Luck, Bill Gates. And, if you read this…I could really use a million dollars or so. The housing prices are killing me! You would barely miss it. I have lots of kids. Consider us a small impoverished village! It’s just a million!

One reply on “Bill Gates Departs Microsoft”

Warren Buffet said he plans to give the Gates Foundation over $30,000,000,000 (that’s $30 billion) or 85% of his fortune. Is this the most generous act in the history of man or is the gates foundation secretly building an army of robots to take over the world. I hear the robots still have some driver problems and need to reboot after each attack. Regardless, I am truly surprised that Buffet did not create his own foundation (which would be equal size to the gates foundation and much bigger that the 3rd largest foundation in the country). Buffet is a good man for doing this and the Gates Foundation has the type of goals that I really believe in (their priorities are to help those in the world that need it the most by supplying available remedies).

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