Usability Week 2006

I have spent most of this week at Usability 2006, which is a conference run by the Nielsen/Norman group. I started at the Usability in Practice sessions but then switched over to Interaction Design. I am really enjoying Tog. He has great stories and clearly has had a really fun career. So far, I agree with everything he has said. One thing he brought up was Fitt's Law. I knew this stuff intuitively, but it helps so much to have the science behind it. It's good to be in a conference like this, HOWEVER, I have some definite "fidget" issues. I can't sit still. I need to get up all the time and stretch. I blow my nose every 30 seconds. These chairs are very uncomfortable. Ugh. I hate conferences. I miss my chair. I want to go back to work. We had a nice father's day. Spent it with Penny/Jim. Look at my post in October 2004. I was working with a very long commute. Today, I do not feel that way. I am thankful for the shorter commute and easier work environment.

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My company is sending me to Usability Week 2007 in June for 3 days. Should be interesting. What did you think? Hype or great value?

I enjoyed Tog alot actually. I wanted to see Don Norman, but he wasn’t there. Not sure if he is there this year. Nielson, I thought was a little pompous and dry. Maybe that’s because I am a UX designer and not a Usability guy. (Usability Guy = The man/woman who runs the 1-way mirror labs and tells the designer that because 1 person made a frown during the presentation that you should change the whole concept.)

If your company is paying, I say go for it. But I gave it a B for a conference. It was ok. Maybe consider the upcoming Ajax Experience gathering. I am excited for that one.

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