Hand Gestures

Ok, to set up the story, put your fingers up in the air in a peace sign. (Index and middle finger up, with other fingers down under the thumb). Then point your two fingers towards your eyes. Then point them away from you, straight ahead. Do this 5 times back and forth fairly quickly. Remember this gesture. Ethan had apparently let Matthew out of the front yard (we have a gate). He was with Matthew, but this is not allowed by the rules of the house. Katie made Ethan tell me about this. She had punished him earlier in the day. So Ethan is telling me that he let Matt out, but then he said, "But I was watching him. I looked at him then the road. Matthew, road, Matthew, road, Matthew, road." (Now do the gesture from before). I could barely keep myself from smiling. Then yesterday, Ethan asked me what athleticism means. I had said something about Shaq O’Neal ruining basketball and that he had little athleticism. He is just a freakish big person. So I told Ethan that he was athletic and I had given him that gift by putting the coordination gene in his DNA. We talked about it for a while with Jared too. They are fun to talk to. It’s like they have a gift for cuteness or something. Katie and I are blessed.

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