Scary Story

There once was a boy who was allergic to pollen. He had hay fever. His spine also was a tiny bit curved which made sleeping on a hard surface painful. The boy also had this wierd thing where he needed to sleep with his legs apart. If his legs were together, it would bug him and keep him awake. The boy was quite a wuss.

Then one day, the boy’s wife decided to play a mean trick on him. She brought him into the forest and said, “You shall sleep on the hard ground tonight. And you shall have to sleep in this special bag that keeps your legs together. HA HA HA” The boy started sneezing and couldn’t hear her. He thought she must be laughing at some joke he told. The boy was very funny.

The boy couldn’t sleep at all that night and had to walk back to the car from the forest at 2:00AM and try and sleep in the car. He awoke in the morning with a splitting headache and a sore back from the seat belt protruding into his spleen.

The boy always remembered this night and swore revenge. “One day”, he swore, “I shall make my wife do something she hates.”

His wife overheard him and chimed in, “Like give up singing and take care of three kids all day long while you watch TV like a lazy bastard?”

The boy’s eye’s squinted closed and he whispered, “Touche!”

Touche, indeed.

Whatya think?