Calling all Word-Smiths

I volunteered with some people at work to help a non-profit. They provide technology and communications specialists to emergency areas. So if an earthquake hit San Francisco to help drive the prices of homes down, then they would swoop in and set up wireless networks so people could communicate. They would rebuild the cellular tower that fell, etc.

So they need a brand name. They want to draw in engineers to volunteer and they want the public service community to know about them and what they do. They will grow over time (maybe) and want the name to be scalable.

It should communicate a group that is
1. Responsive
2. Objective (non-partisan)
3. Peaceful and helpful
4. Technical experts
5. Available to help worldwide.

So please throw your names into the ring. We are going to try a hyper-speed branding exercise. Ask your friends. The more the merrier. It’s for charity.

3 replies on “Calling all Word-Smiths”

How about…
– “Everything the Bush Administration Isn’t”
– “Screw Food, We got Wi-Fi”
– “Saving people one megabite at a time”
(ok, those are more like taglines”
– “safetyNET” (i like that one)
– “webSupport”
– “Emergancy Technology Services (ETS)
– “International Brotherhood of Volunteer Technology Experts”
– “IT without boarders”
– “Technogeeks with Superhero Complexes”

If these folks are in SF they should be talking to NERT. The city’s disaster plan has a communications componant and they need to make sure that what they’re thinking about doing is going to support the existing plans rather than reinventing the wheel.

Whatya think?