Work Update and Peeing

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Work has been really frenetic. So many different projects and so much to do. I got approval to hire and manage a web developer to free up some of my time to work more on Information Architecture and UI Design.

The guy we hired was offered alot of money from his previous employer to stay, but he said no. It has always been important to me to look out for the professional development of everyone I work with. It always comes back to you. I remember the Mission Statement for Kokopelli. (Is this right?)

Effective Solutions for every Customer,
Professional growth for every Employee,
and Value for every Shareholder.

I was always proud of the education and teaching I was involved in. I think teaching is the thing I enjoy most about my job.

I think soon (next week) is going to switch to a homepage that I designed the IA for. And sort of has the html I made, but not really. I have to figure that out.

Lately at work I am trying to persuade the powers that be, that designers should be in an open creative environment to thrive. Right now we are spread out in different buildings and put in cubicles.

Peeing story. This morning, Matt takes off his diaper in our bed. We get up and start our morning routine. Jared yells, “Daddy! Matthew just peed on your clothes.” I look, and see Matt, smiling his devilish grin. He is absolutely trying to be the dominant dog in the pack. We must break him.


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