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Exciting news:

  1. The book publisher has green lit my book. I am starting to write it now. It is about jQuery and how it empowers designers. I will give a better summary after I work on it for a little while. I get an advance and everything. The book will be made of physical paper that you can touch and feel. Exciting!
  2. AjaxExperience 2007 has accepted my proposal to be a speaker at the conference in July. The presentation will be about jQuery and how it empowers designers. (Sound familiar?) I will give a better summary after I work on it for a little while. The presentation will be in person, but I will heavily leverage PowerPoint 2007. Exciting! I haven’t spoken in front of a crowd in about 7 years. I wonder how many people will show up. A million? Maybe 3? Sean and Florence only? Maybe just me. Less pressure that way. Speaking also saves Marketo $1,300 in admission fees.
  3. Ben and Darcie had their second baby. A boy named Henry. They don’t like any nicknames for Henry. Personally, I think Hank, Huck and Harry are all solid nicknames. Huckleberry is the best one though. Makes me think of Val Kilmer in Tombstone. “I’m your huckleberry.” He was awesome in that. Ok, off topic. Congratulations to Ben and Darcie!
  4. Marketo is launching the website on Monday which I like alot. And the product is launching at the same time. So much is happening so fast over there. I am very happy there. Feeling very productive and effective. The app still needs alot of work but it is moving in the right direction every day. I am proud to be the UX Architect for it.
  5. My 35th Birthday is coming up this week and I am playing some of the best tennis of my life and getting a new raquet (Wilson 6.1 Team) which I like alot. Where is it Bruce?? My hair is still sort of there. My body hasn’t completely fallen apart, knock on wood.
  6. My transition to LunarPages is going smoothly.

All in all, it has been a great month. Thanks to everyone who cares.

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  1. Hey Glen,

    Congrats on all the great news — especially the book and conference deals. Very, very cool!

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