Florida Wedding

We just got back from my mom’s wedding in Boca.  It was a nice backyard affair.  Who knew corn beef, pastrami and potato pancakes could work with Sushi and spring rolls?  It was hot for October in Florida so we did some swimming.  We went to the beach once, but it was so nice, I wish we went more.  And we forgot our bathing suits!  Oh well.  Congratulations Nanna!

The flights were OK, but man, I hate flying.  Hate it.  I just hate the whole thing.  I am sick of flying.  I need a vacation from traveling.

During the trip, I finished The Path to Power by Robert Caro.  Great writer.  Best biographer of our age.  Now, I am reading Means of Ascent by him.  He has only written 4 books and this will be the fourth for me.  So I will have to wait for the final installment of his Lyndon Johnson series.  I feel like I know alot about Johnson, but I know very little about his presidency.

After that, it will be a letdown, whatever book I read.  I need to choose that one carefully.

Whatya think?