Happy McTalkAlot

That is my new nickname for Matthew.  He is so happy and he doesn’t shut up.  He is Happy McTalkAlot.  He is literally manic.  He just BIT Jared this morning!  The three of them are going to beat the living hell out of each other for sure.  But in general, they are happy boys.  Matthew’s demeanor is just absolutely thrilled all the time.

Speaking of thrilled.  I am NOT thrilled with the Jets.  WIN, damn you!  Win!  What does a guy need to do around here?

I played tennis this weekend and played fine.  There was a swim meet happening next door at Burlingame High School.  Man, that place is like a college.  I saw a house for sale there.  2000 sq. ft. and in a nice neighborhood with kids.  $1.3 million.

I can’t afford this area.  I hope Bay Meadows gets torn down and Hecules style houses can be put in and we can move there.  Is this like praying for a Jets win?

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