Hiring: Junior Designer 2021

Over the years, I have had excellent luck hiring people right out of school and training them to design with my approach. With this in mind, I have a new job opening for a Junior Designer.

Referral Fee: If you introduce me to someone who we hire, I will send you a $500 gift card after 90 days of employment.

Problem statement: Design a job description that entertains, informs, and inspires you to apply at Warmly. Here we go!

About you

  1. Creative
  2. Strong visual design skills
  3. Can do light illustrations, like empty state screens
  4. Loses track of time when working on something you believe in
  5. Hates inconsistencies
  6. Opinions on typography are strong
  7. Believes the world can be a better place through design
  8. You have talent and just need a chance to shine

About us

  1. Pre-PMF (product market fit) startup
  2. Group of a dozen overachievers
  3. B2C, but maybe some B2B stuff. We are working it out. You can help!
  4. Remote friendly, we are all over the country
  5. Quirky. Maybe extra.

About the job

We work in Figma and produce designs for engineering. We creatively solve different problems to help users discover, adopt, and retain features. We work with Asana to keep track of things. There are oodles of details that need love and attention. You will work side-by-side with the Head of UX.

About the product

Warmly is one of the first Zoom Apps and we are making cool stuff in there. There are 400 million people who use Zoom. Do the math. We are still iterating and evolving.

Why aren’t more job descriptions like this?

Because everyone thinks they need to follow the crowd.

If everyone does it, then it must be good, right?

Abraham Lincoln

Why are most designer websites identical? Why are most applications copying Apple and Google? A Purple Cow is something notable. It’s special. It requires you to stop and say “Wow!” It is a leap of faith to be different.

We want to work with people who care about that.

If you have a Visa issue, we (as a startup) may not have the resources available yet. Just a heads up.

Warmly Team Page


Whatya think?