Quick Bits (2021)

Mirrored Video

I don’t know why, but I really have never thought deeply about how my image looks in zoom or on videos. When on zoom, my own image looks (to me) like a mirror. If I raise my right arm, it looks in the video like I raise my left arm. We are used to looking at ourselves in the mirror. However, everyone else sees me inverted. They see my actual right arm raising.

When I take a video, the same thing happens. I have never noticed this before. Here is an example:

How could I have not seen this before? Its crazy.

We take so much of the world for granted. How many other things feel “normal” to me but are actually design elements meant to fake me out?

Adobe XD and Figma Usage

The #1 idea on Figma has under 500 votes. The #1 idea on Adobe XD has over 11,000 votes. I really wonder why Figma seems so popular right now, yet these numbers make it seem like Adobe XD is crushing it. Maybe worldwide the numbers are different than in Silicon Valley? The new community of Figma is good, but it isn’t as vibrant as I imagined it would be. I wonder why.

Adobe XD has a really nice graphic design. I wish Figma was a little nicer. I’m not switching, but I still wish it.

New Surround Sound System

I replaced my Roku soundbar with the Platin Milan 5.1 with WiSA SoundSend using the Chromecast. I am generally happier now. The sound is good, there are fewer wires, and it doesn’t conflict with Roku. The price was a bit steep, but bought it on Prime Day and received $200 off.

Tiktok on Desktop

I have a relative who has 58k followers on TikTok. The videos are just lipsync with sound audio. (I think of it sort of like a video meme). Unfortunately, on my browser, the audio and the video are totally out of sync. Apparently, this is common in ALL TikTok videos. Either you watch on mobile or you are just SOL. I just tried a bunch of them and they all have the same problem. Shocking. Seems like a big miss by Tiktok.

USTA Tennis

Finally, the sun has risen. USTA is starting. My first match is tomorrow. I will likely lose badly because I am still rated a 4.5. Who knows? I will do my best.


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  1. Megan Drescher Avatar
    Megan Drescher

    Good luck at your match! šŸŽ¾

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