The UX of CanuMeet and Google Appointment Slots

Use Case: You are a hiring manager or recruiter and you want to set up lots of screening calls with lots of candidates. You could email them back and forth, but that is error prone. It’s better to have an automatic system. I had previously reviewed Calendly and Here are a couple of others.

I’ve actually adopted this service as my go-to for appointment management. It’s easy to use with a modern interface. It’s not perfect, but the free version gets you pretty far. Additionally, the paid version has some nice benefits. All in all, I am very happy with it.

Pick a time
Fill out the form and you’re done

The management side has a nice UI as well.

Appointment Settings

They call them “Events”, but to me they are are “Meeting Types”. This is obviously nitpicking. I love the graphic design that includes liberal animations. You can embed the window into another site if you wanted.

My suggestion (if you need this sort of thing) is to sign up for a free account and see it for yourself. I used to use Calendly, but I think I am a canumeet man for the foreseeable future.

Google Appointment Slots

On the flip side of the spectrum is Google Appointment Slots. This is a really frustrating feature. It’s supposed to be well integrated with Google, but I find it almost unusable. I really tried hard to use it, but eventually gave up and threw it in the trash.

Appointment Slots are available with GSuite and they are trying to cover the same purpose as Canumeet.

Appoint Slots Tab
The details view

This puts these slots on your calendar.

Calendar Slots on your Calendar View
The External View

Several problems

  • The external view doesn’t respect appointments you already have on your calendar! This is mind-boggling to me. It made me think that the use case they were trying to solve were “office hours” for a professor. Like you have 3 slots a day and people can take them or not. #notMyUseCase
  • Also, the external view is horribly ugly.
  • On my internal view, you can’t filter these things out. I really don’t want to see them. They make my calendar view look crowded and annoying.
  • They are large blocks, so I can’t erase a specific one because I have a dentist appointment or something.

Ultimately, Google Appointment Slots is a hot mess for my use case. Calendly or Canumeet is a far superior solution.

When this works right, I can send from my candidate system a single email with my canumeet link and I don’t need to negotiate when/where to meet people. It just works. Nice job Canumeet!


Whatya think?