ToldYouSo Use Cases

The more I work on my mobile app idea ToldYouSo, the harder it becomes. It’s like I am trying to figure out how people who disagree can resolve their differences. It’s daunting. I think it would be useful for me to write down the use cases.

Initial Version (MLP)

  • Solo Prediction
    • A single person makes a prediction. No one disagrees. But later, they can say, “See, I said this!”
  • Two People (Short Term)
    • Two people are watching a sporting event. One says, “I think Team A will win”. The other disagrees. When the game is over, one of them opens the app, declares the prediction resolved. The other person confirms. Told You So. Boom.
    • Alternate ending: The other person says NO, that’s not what happened. This is an “impasse”. They can ask a 3rd party or panel to decide the winner.
  • Two People (Deadline)
    • A child says to the parent, “I will get a 3.5 GPA this year.” The parent says “OK, I’ll give you a prize if you do.” The prediction is put into the system with a deadline of when the semester is over. The app push notifies each participant on the deadline.
  • Private Group
    • Sharing to smaller set of people where everyone can see who voted for what
  • Public Group
    • Sharing via Twitter. Resolution via a panel of judges. (How are they determined? Should there be voting on fairness?)
  • Panel Selection
    • Choose an odd number of people who would get pinged to decide if the prediction was true or false. (Should they have to write text as to WHY they are deciding the prediction? This is relevant for partial true/false or nuanced issues.) Should there be a way to vote on how fair the judge was?
    • Should public panels be chosen randomly?

Future Cases

  • Betting with Bitcoin
  • Push Polling
  • Panel Judge ratings

I feel like Im missing some things. Feel free to add cases in the comments.


Whatya think?