Vista Hyperbolic Error

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I got this error in Vista yesterday. I closed the error, closed my other programs and rebooted. Was it really Catastrophic? Come on. Whoever writes these errors is not thinking. A user doesn’t want to see that. They want to see something friendly. I would have rewritten this error to say, “Something bad happened and we can’t tell what. The best thing would be to reboot.”

Windows errors are so damn obscure. I wish they would spend some time giving better information on error. I spend an hour yesterday trying to fix another machine when Word 2007 kept crashing. The Office diagnostics said, “Nothing is wrong!” Meanwhile, it was jacked. Eventually, I discovered that erasing a small bit of registry fixed the problem. I found this out in a Microsoft forum. Why can’t Office erase that registry entry itself? It knows about the fix?

I am just saying, The features of Vista and Office 2007 are great. Now work on the quality.

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