Welcome to San Mateo

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We picked a place! Check it out. Katie did an awesome job of negotiating and being decisive and making it happen. Three cheers for Katie! Hip Hip…HooRay! Hip Hip…HooRay! Hip Hip…HooRay! It is a beautiful home on Hickory Lane. Cul-De-Sac street (French for ‘Cut the scrotum’). At the end of the street is a short path to a lovely park with a tennis court. That big thing north of the house is a mall, but you hardly notice it. 😉 And we are close to the race track (DAD!).

We move in early July. Exciting!

Regarding Joe Biden…He CAN beat Frist and Jeb. He has more charisma.

Glen’s First Law of Politics: W = C/T

The Winner equals the candidate with the most Charisma dived by the Television exposure of the election. In other words, the more the candidates are on TV, the more Charisma will trump all other factors. Biden has got it, and Frist does not. Jeb has “some” but not as much as Joey. Also, the MBNA comment. He is a Senator from Delaware. It is impossible for him to oppose the credit card industry. I don’t like it, but I will give him a pass this one time.

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  1. Congratultions on thr new place. I spent a bunch of time in San Mateo while working for my last dotcom. It’s got a lot going for it.

    A couple of reasons I do not particularly like Biden:

    1) He voted for the bankruptcy bill that makes it much harder for middle class people to declare bankruptcy, but protects the wealthy and corporations.

    2) He voted to confirm Alberto “The Geneva Convention does not apply to us” Gonzales as AG.

    3) He slams Howard Dean every chance he gets.

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