Bread / First Day

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Yesterday, I went to get some bread. 
I said, "A two and a half pound sourdough, sliced please." 
Matthew was in my arms and pointed out his index finger high in the air and yelled, "SCUSE ME ONE MINUTE! SCUSE ME ON MINUTE!"
The lady smiled at him and said, "Yes? 
Matt perked up and said, "YOU GOT BREAD?!"  His shoulders went up in the universal question posture.
She mock saluted and said, "Yes sir!" 
Matt smiled and said, "Oh!  THNAK YOU!"

Today is my first day as UX Architect at Marketo.  I am excited and a little daunted.  I have never delved deeply into marketing and need a crash course on AdSense and all kinds of Marketing stuff.  I am going to buy some books on the subject, but I really need to USE the Google software and promote a sample site.  Maybe CafeCosa would be a good guinea pig?

Otherwise, I miss my friends at Intuit already.  Ironically, it the marketing folks I will miss the least.  And now, I am going to design a UX for them to make them thrilled.  It’s funny how life works out.  I really hope the last test I did for Turbotax can be completed well.  Eric and Florence are on their own for the next few weeks!  Good luck guys!

Katie is more nervous than me, which is pretty amusing.  She is all giddy and stressed.  She needs a break.  Right now, Jared and Matt are on my lap and making faces at each other and giggling wildly.  Hard to type.

Whatya think?