Change of pace

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I had gotten so used to being reactive at Intuit.  The phone would ring, the email would arrive, the meetings would be scheduled.  I only had time to "work" in between these hectic moments.  So much so, that I had to avoid some meetings (Like the dreaded PELT) to actually get some work done.  Now, things have changed.  No more meetings, no more phone!  I have to be proactive instead of reactive.  I am still in decompression, getting used to it.

Also, I miss my friends at Intuit.  Although Katie said, "You missed Steve when you joined Intuit and you missed Spencer when Koko wound down."  She is right.  I have missed friends and colleagues at every transitional period of my life.  That is the way, you move on and make new friends.  I would like to keep relationships with people though.  Instant Messenger is great for communicating with old friends.  Except when they don’t turn on their IM.  Like Steve!!  Hey Steve, Use  It works like a website so you can use it without your corp IT people getting wind!

Katie story from last night:
A father sees his 3 year old son go around a corner where the father couldn’t see him.  He says, "Hey, don’t go around the corner!"  The young boy keeps going around the corner though.  Time and again, the father scolds the son and the son keeps doing it.  Finally, the father smacks the boy on the butt.  The boy, in tears, looks up at the father and sobs, "What’s a corner?!?"


  1. Yo bro. Trust me, I’ve tried countless times to do the web-based Messenger thing. My company blocks not only the desktop client for IMs, but also their web-based counterparts. When I go to the site, I get a message that says “Company site violation: Blocked.”

    I’m on Google IM though.

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