Eye Floaters

They are called Vitreous Floaters. There is a whole website dedicated to them. They are the little hairs that you sometimes see floating into your field of vision like little ghosts. When you try to look directly at them they move out of your field of view. When you stop trying, they come right back, floating just off the center of your vision. They are shy and do not like being looked at.

I asked Katie and she said, “I have no idea what you are talking about”.

I just read a book about creativity which made the analogy that those little hairs are like the creative process. If you try to look closely at it, to measure it, to make a process out of it…it will just disappear. The creative process is elusive and can’t be pinned down so easily. I think it is an apt analogy.

Who out there has Eye Floaters? Let Katie know. We are not alone. We should unite and create a union. We have rights! Power to the People!

Speaking of non sequiturs: (Thank You Susan Lipka) Ron Dellums is going to be the next mayor of Oakland. I am excited to see how he does. He has always been a legislator. I wonder how he can make the switch to the executive branch.

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I also have the little eye shadow things, they drive me nuts about twice a year (during these times, my brains refusing to acknowledge reality and insists that if I move fast enough, with my head in the right position, I can look directly at the blur before it moves out of vision). As for the mayor of Oakland, well lets just say the entire state of California is on a 10 year political “time-out” after electing Arnold. No state that could be so ridiculous should be allowed to have an opinion. Seriously, who thought Arnold was a good idea; even Jesse “the body” had a better chance (and did a much better job). Which makes me think that a McCann/Ventura ticket for the Independent Party could win the Presidency. Than Jesse could be the fist VP to body slam a foreign diplomat

It is nice to know I have passed down not only blue eyes, but “floaters” as well. Sorry!
Try taking the herbal supplement BILBERRY. You can buy it anywhere. Take as directed. Worked immediately for me. I still take it daily. Let me know.
Yo Momma

Just to make the family link complete…..yes I get them too. We can only hope that the kids manage to avoid them in thier future. In the meantime you can take comfort in the fact that everytime you see one…….IT IS MOMMY’S FAULT

Just came from the optha and dr said floaters due to age will go away sometime months. But avoid retina tear as heavy starin (sports, lifting) may cause the floater (gel stuck to back of eye) to snap off duirng strain which could cause a tear – then you have a problem and requires laser surgery. I know its annoying but relax. I am near 53.

I never said they were annoying. Quite the opposite. I was making an analogy to the creative process. I don’t want them to go away. This was posted almost 2 years ago. It’s funny how things come around.

Glen, If you enjoy your floaters, more power to ya. I field calls and inquiries from people all over the world DESPERATE for relief from eye floaters. I am the medical director of the only practice (we’re aware of) exclusively treating floaters. If they move or shift on their own to a tolerable position, great. If they have been present for more than a few months, they are not likely to go away. New onset floaters especially with flashes of light or any loss of vision should be seen by a local eye doctor immediately to rule out a retinal detachment.

I hope this is helpful to anyone who comes across this thread/discussion looking for an answer.

Dr. Johnson

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