Segmentation Editor

I wrote a blog post on Segmentation Editors evolution over the years. At Treasure Data, the 1.0 segment editor was designed by engineering alone. It was closer to speaking in SQL rather than in Marketing lingo. I redesigned the UI while keeping the backend logic intact. The result was an 2.0 editor that was much more usable for Marktering Ops.

We had several innovative enhancements that didn’t make the final cut. Alexis Zheng was my “Sous Chef” in the beginning of this project and eventually she took it over completely. Excellent work Alexis! In my opinion, this is the best segment editor UI in the market today.

Some screenshots below. Ask me for a Figma file tour.

Big file with lots of use cases
We made a menu for all the different pathways
All designs cover edge/error cases
The % bars would have been amazing

Most of the screenshots show subtle differences that won’t lend themselves to a blog post. Contact me for more details.

Segmentation is a nearly ubiquitous UI that can be used in many different types of complex searches. Please feel free to add the concepts to your application. Just give me a shoutout when you do.