Business Writing

There was this award at work. Everyone had to nominate another person and say why they thought that person embodied the corporate values. The Intuit values are actually pretty interesting. I did not win the award, but rather, my nomination was the winning one. Everyone mentioned the quality of the writing as an important factor.…Continue readingBusiness Writing

Work Update and Peeing

Work has been really frenetic. So many different projects and so much to do. I got approval to hire and manage a web developer to free up some of my time to work more on Information Architecture and UI Design. The guy we hired was offered alot of money from his previous employer to stay,…Continue readingWork Update and Peeing

Work News

Normally, I try to post as little content about work as possible. Although this blog is designed for my kids to read when they are older, it is still accessible by the public and therefore I believe saying little about work is prudent. You never know how information persists. With that said… Today is my…Continue readingWork News

Memory Lane in the Web Archive

A trip down memory lane. Our first Grainger UI. This the famous “first” global/local navigation site for a big company. Original The infamous Vagina site for Vday. And my personal favorite Flash intro with “Do Right” audio. Silly Koko thank you. GE Medical Systems. The template that saved the day. Christmas for Reader’s Digest.…Continue readingMemory Lane in the Web Archive

Business Trip Again

Once again, I find myself in Las Vegas waiting to board a flight to Dallas. Being away from the family stinks. Jared’s tummy still hurts. I miss them already and the week has barely begun. I am on hold on my cell phone, trying to type with one hand. I do not want to be…Continue readingBusiness Trip Again

Work I Love to do

What is Interaction Design? What is Information Architecture? What is Product Management? What is Requirements Analysis? These are the things I do to earn money for my family. But I love doing them, as well. The thing I love best is solving a problem in an elegant way. It is a wonderful feeling to look…Continue readingWork I Love to do